About us

José Mestre, S.A. was founded in 1958 in Barcelona. The company was born as an enterprise dedicated to sell orthopedic and childcare products.
Along its history, JOSÉ MESTRE, S.A. has reached a consolidation from its brands and products in a market in constant evolution due to its professional advice policy and constant renovation.

With a long tradition in the market, our enterprise stands out during all this years by offering to our clients the best quality and a close behavior trying to adapt us to our customers’ needs. This fact is possible thanks to our gained experience, experience which we try to transmit day by day to each customer.

Presently, José Mestre, S.A. is a third-generation enterprise which still researching to create new proposals into a market with an increasing competitiveness but without forgetting all the values that defines us and has positioned us where we are.

With our improvement policy applied to all the workplaces and our adaptation to the new policies which regulates the market, we can guarantee the security and quality of all our produced products.

In addition, we want to mention that all the products we are selling wear the CE mark and also, all the packaging products are selled with its analysis report.

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